Learning Fair Play in Social Life Through Sports

Project title:                     A2 -Chain Reaction – Learning Fair Play in Social Life Through Sports

Project number:              2017-2-HU01-KA105-036135

Project start date:           01-08-2017

Project total duration:   10 months

Project end date:            31-05-2018

All the participants in the project are between 16-19 years old.


Fotók, videók linkje: https://photos.app.goo.gl/j0Jlt53iGXlj9pH33

Martfűi városi Sportegyesület honlapjának linkje: http://martfuivse.hu/palyazatok/learning-fair-play-in-social-life-through-sports/

Facebook 1 link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/283894358767753/

Facebook 2 link: https://www.facebook.com/erasmusmvse/


Activity program in Martfű (Hungary):

Venue Duration
City/Town Country Start date End date Activity duration (excluding travel days) Travel days students (16-19 years) Adult (e.g. trainer)
Martfű Hungary 18.01.2018. 20.01.2018. 2 2 HU – 1

PT – 1

RO – 1

HU – 1

PT – 1

RO – 1

Martfű Hungary 15.04.2018. 22.04.2018. 8 2 HU – 10

PT – 10

RO – 10

HU – 1

PT – 1

RO – 1



Sági István Head of the Board Martfui Varosi Sportegyesulet (MVSE)  http://martfuivse.hu/

Strand út 3.; Martfű, 5435; Hungary

istvan@sagiek.hu ; +36309357979


Pabar Ignác Roland interpreter



Partner 1:

Déció Santos president of ASSOCIACAO JUVENIL DA ILHA TERCEIRA  (AJITER) www.ajiter.pt

Estrada Regional nº 1A, Pedreiras 28.; Praia da Vitória; Portugal; 9760 715

decio.ml.santos@ajiter.pt  ; +351 295 212 409


Partner 2:

Constantin Adrian Florea Headmaster of Centrul Scolar de Educatie Incluziva Alba Iulia (CSEI Alba Iulia) www.cseialba.ro

Tudor Vladimirescu, nr.39.; Alba Iulia; 510167; Romania

adyf_adi@yahoo.com ; +40 723652003

Teodora Iuliana Cimpean  English Teacher; teodora_cimpean@yahoo.com ; +40 744669377



Chain Reaction projekt

Main activities and deadlines


Project management

Controlling, organising, rating…

From August to October: contracting, inform the partners about the project


Activities and deadlines:

  • 10.2017 – 31.10.2017.: Create a short coverage about the project and publish it on the partner’s web pages. (HU, PT, RO).
  • 10.2017 – 31.10.2017.: Create a Facebook page about the project (HU).
  • 10.2017 – 30.11.2017.: design the project’s logo (3-4 per country) (HU, PT, RO). You need to send the logos to this e-mail adress: istvan@sagiek.hu. We’ll publish every logo on the project’s Facebook page, then we’ll start a 2 weeks long vote to pick out the best.
  • 10.2017 – 30.11.2017.: The selection procedure in every country. We need to organise a minimum half-day long „survivor tour” (outdoor activity hold in a forest or in nature). We have to organise these programs till the weather permitting it. Announcing the date of the survivor tour, implementing it, sending pictures and the list of the winners (10 student, 1 adult). (HU, PT, RO).
    • First, we need to announce the project, and pick the date of the survivor tour. We need to organise a minimum half-day long survivor tour for at least 50 participants, forming competititve teams of 10 participants, involvig disadvantaged students also. The teams have to set up themselves and apply for the competition. During the announcement of the applying process, it stays clear that teams involving socio-economically disadvantaged mates get plus points after each person when the final results will be assessed.
    • The „survivor tour” as an outdoor activity hold in a forest or in nature provides certain „stations” for participating teams to solve different kind of arcade games stimulating their problem solving skills, team working, entrepreneurship, cooperation and communication, next to tehir physical fitness.
    • I ask you to send me the following information till 11.2017: (istvan@sagiek.hu)
      • The announcement of the tour
      • List of outdoor activities
      • Evaluation criterions of the activities (Don’t forget the plus points after disadvantaged participants. The results have to be evaluated according to not just physical conditions / states, but also team work, problem solving skills and other relevant competences necessary for the youth exchange.
      • Results: the list of the winners
      • 10-10-10 photos
      • attendance register (using the attached sample)
    • 10.2017 – 15.11.2017.: Checking the first and the second meeting’s details (date, means of transport, etc.) (HU, PT, RO).
    • 11.2017 – 10.12.2017.: Buying the airplane tickets for the Portuguese team, organising the bus for the Romanian team (HU).
    • 01.2018 – 20.01.2018.: date of the advance planning visit (starts: 18.01.2018, ends 20.01.2018., accomodation needed for two days). One adult (leader) and one student per country. You can’t send two leaders, one of the participants must be a student, otherwise we will loose a quite big part of the funding. The Hungarian partner will pay for the following expences: travel costs, accomodation, meals, programs in Hungary (HU, PT, RO).
      • During this visit, we will discuss the final detailes of the youth exchange etc.
    • 01.2018 – 31.03.2018.: Preparing for the training (HU, PT, RO).:
      • the participants (students) can advocate plus activities for the training
      • evolving the team spirit
      • making contracts for the participants
      • getting to know the participants’ countries
      • familiarizing the Youthpass
      • taking photos about the meetings!!


15.04.2018 – 22.04.2018.: Youth exchange (HU, PT, RO).:

  • You can find the detailes of this program in the attached file
  • During this training, we need to do some administration, too:
  • Important!!! We need to pass out the Youthpass certificates ont he last day of the training. We need to do the following things before that:
    • Before the whole training, you should talk about the Youthpass certification and the 8 competences that it measures (they need to pay attention for these competences, and the progress of them) ,
    • Register: https://www.youthpass.eu/hu/login/
    • Using the website:
      • visit: https://www.youthpass.eu/en/youthpass/
      • register, than use your user name and password to log in
      • create your own profile, and your organization’s profile, too (don’t forget to describe your organization using a few words (manage your organisation button)
    • ont he home page, you can find a „YOUR PROJECTS – ENTER A NEW PROJECT” button. Click on it, enter your project’s number, than click on „type of activity: youth exchanges. Than, you will be able to create the certificates.
    • You will find three main menu ont he homepage: PROJECT DETAILS / MANAGE PARTICIPANTS / GENERATE CERTIFICATES. A Project details: you need to fill it once, than it will appear ont he certificates. You should write 1-2 sentences for the goals and main activities. You can find them in the project’s documentation.
    • A Manage participants: we have to fill this with the participants’ detailes: name, e-mail address, skills and competences which they have been progress in. We should create a pattern and use it for every participants.
    • after that, create the certificates. First, send it to the participants so they can check their detailes. If they find everything OK, then we can create the final certificates.
  • During the training, we will collect the e-mail adresses and discuss the progress of the skills (we need to pay attention the E2 part of the project (learning outcomes) documents for that), create the pattern for the Yothpasses, send the certifications for the students. They need to respond as soon as possible, so we can print out the final certificates at the end of the training.
  • We should pay close attention for the attendance register! Every participants must sign it!
  • We should fill in the mobility tool during the training.
  • We need to take as many pictures as we can, ask the participants to write short ratings about the project, and we need to create a detailed evaluation after every day ( we can learn about the correct evaluation in the H3 part of the project document, on page 34.)
  • 04.2018 – 31.05.2018.: We need to upload every nessesary documents ont he web page, upgrade our Facebook profile etc. (HU, PT, RO).
  • The project ends on 31.05.2018. (HU, PT, RO).


chain reaction 2nd round Activity timetable chain reaction 2_1

Activity timetable chain reaction 2_1

List of participants with signatures